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Our team of doctors, with National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration Certificates of Course Completion in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing have each completed between 15 and 35 years of active clinical practice. Their scientific interest in gait analysis coupled with extensive report construction and court testimony give them the ability to project a comprehensive scientifically accurate testimony. Some members of the group have lectured extensively and are published in nationally recognized journals . The Group has built a reputation for scientific accuracy, clarity, and communication of complex gait related points; all necessary for presentation to judges and prosecutors in pretrial and trial settings.  Our team is easy to work with and meticulous from beginning to conclusion with preparation and presentation.

Gait Analysis Research Group offers a complete written report that reviews all patient information, available pertinent past medical history, and evaluates the physical characteristics of the defendant. This, in conjunction with a complete computerized gait analysis and computerized imaging, offers the basis for in-court testimony and exhibit within a reasonable degree of medical certainty and scientific accuracy.
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