Client Testimonial

I write this to recommend your professional services whole-heartedly to any DWI attorney serious about doing everything he or she can to defend clients.

Your expert analyses in the cases my clients have retained you on have led to very successful results on countless occasions. I have been able to resolve cases in very favorable manners based on your reports alone, as well as your presence in court, either testifying or with the "threat" of your presence to testify.

Your reports are clear and concise, laying out your comprehensive review of the client's history, examination, and gait analysis, applying your extensive professional Podiatric background, as well as your recent NHTSA SFST training.

Your testimony is very straight-forward and easily received by the lay person and jurist, alike. Your easy going styles connect well with the listener, and your demonstrative evidence gets directly to the relevant point that the particular client's disability would make any satisfactory performance on the field sobriety tests impossible.

Your testimony removes the hocus-pocus SFST "science", and replaces it with real science. Your opinions confound the State's SFST experts, since they cannot counter a medical opinion that the defendant couldn't perform the physical maneuvers in perfect clinical settings, much less at night on the side of the road with all of the other distractions present at the time of arrest.

Without question, I would not be as successful with my cases without you. I will be happy to speak with anyone regarding this letter and further praise of your services.

Very truly yours,
Evan M. Levow
Counselor at Law