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Your expert analyses in the cases my clients have retained you on have led to very successful results on countless occasions. I have been able to resolve cases in very favorable manners based on your reports alone, as well as your presence in court, either testifying or with the “threat” of your presence to testify...”  [+] Read More

Evan M. Levow
Counselor at Law

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Your Client has been arrested on a DWI charge. The clues observed by the arresting officer on walk and turn and one leg stand were damaging to your client. Your client's defense deserves more than police testimony.
The easily replicated, scientifically measured computerized Gait Analysis is used to irrefutably prove that a defendant is unable to walk properly, stand properly even under controlled normal clinical circumstances. Therefore, tests taken at the time of arrest become only a subjective explanation, incapable of standing up to courtroom examination and argument.
The resulting information has a powerful impact when incorporated into testimony, presented and explained in a courtroom setting. The doctors are professionals and have many years of experience as successful expert witnesses in areas of civil and criminal law.
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